We've developed an online education academy to extend our ability to teach and inspire hairdressers around the world. 

Our key objectives are to ensure that each and every hairdresser who chooses to work with milk_shake® has access to in-depth knowledge and understanding of the entire range of milk_shake®. In addition, we have designed the academy to elevate stylists skills and make inspirational education accessible for everyone.

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What we offer


Covering all of our different colour families  including lightening & colour application techniques & formulations that will inspire you to push the boundaries and excel in colour work.


Our incredible Ambassadors are renowned worldwide. Their courses will inspire and elevate your skill set, giving you increased confidence across all areas of hairdressing.


From perfecting styling your cuts to creating the most beautiful up dos our styling sessions will give you all the tips and tricks you need to wow your clients and fellow stylists. 


Increase your confidence with the most demanded haircuts in history and learn simplified techniques that give you consistent results time and time again. 

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