New milk_shake® creative cold shades

Apr 01, 2022

We are excited to introduce to you 5 new and incredible milk_shake Creative Permanent Colour cold shades dedicated to achieving a neutral and cool result with maximum coverage. Completing the existing natural and more natural creative colour series, our new cold shades offer natural base colours with a wider choice of results.

Do you often find yourself needing to use other shades within the formula mix to create cool results? By using our new cold natural shades, achieving cool and on-trend results has never been easier!

milk_shake Creative Cold Shades Swatches

We caught up with milk_shake Global Ambassador Andrew Smith to find out why he is excited by the new additions to the milk_shake® creative colour family.

Andrew Smith: “When our clients start to notice white hairs and they want them covered, it can be challenging if they prefer a cooler result. We are trying to achieve two things at once; to cover the white, and not affect the natural base that sits around the whites. This can give us the coverage we need but, the end results can appear slightly warmer than we wish. Now we have the answer, a pre-mixed natural ash! 100% white coverage with no warmth!

The same challenge can apply in all root applications, as heat generated by the scalp can also lead to a ‘glowy root’ when compared with the rest of the hair. We now have the perfect solution for this issue, as their new creative natural cold shades gently counteract warmth to create a cool neutral base”

Witness the cold shades in action and watch our Webinar by clicking the link below.


Find the milk_shake creative colour cold natural shades 4.01, 5.01, 6.01, 7.01, 8.01 at your local milk_shake® distributor now or fill out a become a milk_shake stockist form to get started today!